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So, what's up? Empty So, what's up?

Post by Raikira on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:17 am

I'm confused.

So, what are we going to do? I know we don't want this place to become some hectic clusterfuck of people whose IQ barely exceeds the room temperature threshold, but seriously, what do we want? I come on here, excited to see that the chatbox is finally a bit populated, and I'm thinking 'All right! Finally, Bread Basket is on the move!'. And sure enough, I thought things were going pretty well. I mean, granted, the forum population is still, at the moment, 24, but at least we had people online and speaking to each other.

And then, I see a couple people legitimately upset that the site is progressing to HPF's minor expense, when I've seen at least two threads now consist of people bitching and moaning about things not being active enough. So when this site actually starts to get some users in and opens up the opportunity for there to be more than three people around at any given time, and the forum becomes, you know, a forum... you can see my dilemma. I'm honestly pretty fucking bewildered at this point, and I'm not sure what's really going on, or what the future of this site is when members of its oh so fine population seem to be opposed to it growing. Side note, by minor expense, I mean a few people from aforementioned Pokemon vore forum using this place as an alternative.

I know. I know we want this place to remain consecrated and holy against all that is stupid, however so stupid that conquest is within itself. And I can understand trepidation in that we're, in one way of looking at it, 'stealing' members from our psuedo-sister site HPF, but seriously now. Having a third of the site on the chatbox at one given moment does not suddenly merit it a harbinger of mass exodus of people from HPF, signaling its clear doom and this site's surge in popularity, or anything of the sort.

My honest opinion? I think a forum is a place for people to get together and communicate with each other. Socially. With 24 members, that's not really happening very quickly, given that 90% of the time, I see three people here, tops. Now maybe I've misconceived some people's thoughts and opinions on the situation, but aside from it seeming overwhelmingly silly to me to willingly come to this site when you're scared of it growing beyond what it is now (SEE CHAREM), I'm more than ready for this place to excel. I look forward to it. But its not going to happen with strife THIS early in the development of its status.

People here, hear me. If you're not ready for this place to expand in truly the only manner that the staff has made it possible to do so, which is to say by invitation, then don't bother coming around, because I'm guessing that a vast majority of that invitation is coming right from HPF users itself. A vast majority. Weariness of this is going to warrant a whole truckload of stress on your part. You need to be ready to accept that such small, commensalism based relationships are going to be developed.

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So, what's up? Empty Re: So, what's up?

Post by Kotetsu on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:00 am

I don't really have any good reply, but... I couldn't agree more.

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